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Travelers Journal

Creating image of Georgia from the comments of people from it’s neighboring countries:

We still feel like a union, still like brothers (not including the Baltic states).

The West doesn't see any difference, it’s all just the East to them. Oriental countries with a Soviet flavor.


Russia has always looked down on small countries.

It’s important for us to realize that we're in a post-colonial situation. Marionettes in the hands of the bigger players.

The people against the state.

Corruption – it’s hard to get anything without knowing the right people.

Georgia is decorative.

A Georgian won't answer you in Russian even if they know you're not Russian.

Our educational systems aren't open to new subjects.

A new culture is being created for us - by others…

We don’t have a common language, so we use other people's languages. It used to be Russian, and now it’s Western European.

Tbilisi means friends from Soviet times. Now there are new times, and new friends.

Georgians introduced me to art, my development as an artist was influenced by Georgians.

They're all my friends, Georgians, Abkhazians and Ossetians.

In order to be patriotic you need to be acquainted with many other nationalities and cultures. Only then can you be proud and know how your country differs from and is better than other countries.

Georgians speak very flippant about Georgian-Armenian relationships.

Georgia combines several different languages in itself.

I've had enough pedantry from Georgians. I want to see some initiative.

Georgia should not only live with legends.

They only ever think about themselves. That may look good from a distance, but when you get closer it looks different.

I’m not interested in Georgia; I live in Armenia.

The Georgian president is really stupid guy, I can't understand how he got into the position he's in right now.

Georgians bring me tangerines and in return I give them 'Zarya Vostoka" (a Soviet Georgian newspaper).

The market is the market. The political situation couldn’t destroy it.

Seventy per cent of products come to Armenia through Georgia. There was panic in Armenia when the Russian-Georgian borders closed.

People will put Saakashvili down just like they did Gamsakhurdia, and then Sheverdnadze.

I don’t like Georgia. When I was there, I asked how much the Khinkali were in a restaurant and they threw me out. As if I weren't allowed to ask, and had just to order and pay whatever it cost.

I lost some of my friends because I didn’t sign petitions after the August 2008 war. But those petitions were very one-sided.

I don't think of Georgia being either good or bad.

People don’t care about Georgia. When you're living in Armenia, it’s difficult enough to care about anything or anyone else.

I remember the Georgian art academy students spitting at each other.

Aren't you guys going to have a war soon?

Burdjanadze has already been arrested.

A woman brought Christianity to Georgia. That's why Georgians are more feminine.

Tbilisi is a place for strolling up and down, like something out of the 19th century. Nothing changes there.

A mix of nationalities.

It’s easier to hang out with the girls than the guys in Georgia.

Actually we are one people, only our languages are different.

We're only becoming neighbors now.

Georgians don’t like to work for others, and that's an impossible attitude to take.

Georgians don’t see reality.

Convertible currency.

By losing Abkhazia and Ossetia, Georgia has paid the price for freedom. Armenia, on the contrary, in always in debt.

Even without having Karabakh issue, Djavakheti could never happen.

Carefree, playful and lively: that's what I like about Georgia.

They are more gastronomically oriented.

Money has only secondary importance.

Naïve, easygoing.

You don't have to play the wise guy all the time.

The Armenians in Georgia had to change their family names to Georgian or Russian ones.


It’s said that Georgians look down on their neighbors.

Love for the state.

They have great presence.

Tourism and emigration have to develop.

I can't live without TV.

I was in Sukhumi, looking at the monkeys.


All the talented Armenians are from Georgia.

The Georgian delegation to the UN opposed the Armenians.

Armenians are unhappy because Georgians are destroying our churches.

Saakashvili managed to overthrow Shevardnadze. We, Armenians couldn't do the same on the March 1st, 2008.

Russian psychiatrists were saying that Saakashvili was psychotic.

Saakashvili was deceived by the USA.

It's a snobbish country.

Things will get harder for Georgia when the Turkish Armenian border reopens. Now that the Armenians are being stifled, the Georgians pity them; but once Armenia gets stronger it will start fighting Georgia over territory.

All Georgians can sing.

There are jobs in Georgia.

Basing your identity on folklore will lead you towards an authoritarian regime.

Russia isn't what it was under the Peter the Great. So being close to Russia doesn’t mean being closer to civilization. The closer we get to Russia, the more we move away from Western values.

Armenians say: Georgian are worse than Azeris.
Azeris say: Georgians are worse than Armenians.

Being close to the culture of Byzantium makes Georgians more vivid, alive and free.

Neither in Baku nor in Yerevan can one feel the same freedom as in Tbilisi.

The future of Georgia belongs to the young; they can change the future.

Georgians are good at presenting themselves well in every aspect of life.

Georgians are ready to fight for their rights - and not only their political rights.

Good fashion designers come from Georgia, they dictate the fashion trends in the whole of the former Soviet Union.

Georgia used to have an educational mission. Azeris used to study there.

Azeris can't decide who they are. Are they Turks?

There were good publishing houses in Tbilisi. Whatever was forbidden in Azerbaijan for religious reasons was published there.

Georgians are able to laugh at themselves.

Compared to Azeri, the Georgian language is rich. We don't have enough words to express ourselves properly.

The war in Georgia created an anti-Russian mood here. We were afraid we'd be next.

The Governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan are on good terms with each other. They both use the Karabakh conflict to keep their people in fear.

During his presidency, Saakashvili made more mistakes then any other president in the former USSR.

Democracy itself has bigger problems than Georgia.

Democracy in Georgia is a small room whose walls are covered with stickers. These stickers express the wish of the people, but they are still just stickers on the walls of the room.

The Europeans can't understand the political situation in Georgia.

Civil society has not yet taken shape. After you elect a president, you can't blame him for everything that happens afterwards. That shows an inability to take responsibility.

Burdjanadze can be trusted more than the president.

Ossetia is an irresolvable issue.

The PR campaigns after the August 2008 war made me want to puke: Kikabidze performing in Georgia, Gergiev conducting in Ossetia...

Saakashvili is like Snow White in the fairy tale. He cooked up this war without getting his hands dirty.

Their alphabet is completely unlike any other. You see the signs in Georgia and you understand as much as if you were in China.

Greek? Albanian? It’s unclear what mixture it is.

You feel it’s Georgian but it’s hard to pinpoint what that is.

There was a slogan: Europe Starts Here. But that could as easily have been: Europe Ends Here.

In Georgia, beggars speak Azeri (Turkish).

After thirty minutes every subject turns into a history lesson.

Shashliko-Wine talks.

I don’t like Georgian paintings.

Georgians dress more freely.

There's a big difference between the capital city and the gloomy towns in the rest of the country.

Ossetia is Saakashvili's mistake.

Saakashili's ratings are more important to him than what happens to his people.

Like the Chinese, the Georgians are good at keeping their own culture and combining it with every other culture.

Very tough. Georgians have been through lots of hard times.

Georgia is so proud (everyone is a nobleman there) that it might one day fly off into outer space.

The image that comes to my mind is the Georgian flag - and next to it always the flag of the European Union.

It's not drawing a line that's wrong, but staying within that line once you've drawn it.

You don't need to watch out for Georgians. You can trust them.

In Russia and Georgia, the women work harder than men.

Armenians and Georgians always compete overwho can say the longest toast.

I don’t like Georgia, it has so much potential and doesn't use it...

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